Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Hungarian beer blog

I had a few beers and, when I used to write on myspace, the feedback was always that my foreign beer blogs were the most enjoyable. So I thought I would resume the tradition. I have had a few Leffes and this being my favourite beer, the effects are probably disproportionate.

I am in Hungary. (and this is not just for the hungarians reading ;-) i like it here. The people are really cheerful and friendly. It makes me reflect on the default nature of us Brits:
"How are you?!"
"Oh, mustnt grumble i spose.."
So why then do we? Is it the weather? Enthusiasm is so infectious. It leaves us feeling so happy and glad we encountered it. Sometimes we don't even know why.
Maybe it is the weather.
We drove here from Vienna. its the nearest international airport. Oh! And what a storm! I have never seen such! Two or more hours of gradually darkening hungarian sky lit every few seconds by a blinding flash that was momentarily brighter than day. Over and over again for hours.
And rain! Huge rain! Bug hot drops like pure passion from the sky.
Is this part of what makes the people?
Too tired tonight. Small devils of tiredness and fatigue are playing around the inside of my cranium. The vagaries of dealing with different cultures has depleted the reserves of my intellect.


NaiadAnglorum said...

What makes people? I reckon we all too easily forget that nature makes us and thus speaks in voices so subliminal we sometimes do not hear yet feel them. And those of us more attuned to listening and indeed eager to feel, see, touch, hear and all that are greatly made by it. Which is why we feel so out of place and uncomfortable in that artificial environment we created and you so artfully described in your previous post.

Part of what I love about summer are the thunderstorms with their raw and actually creative force. They fascinate me endlessly and I love to be out in the rain, feel the forces directly (yet cautiously: no hilltops, no exposed places – I am not that stupid) and imagine what it must have been like millions of years ago when earth was forged and lightening provided electricity to prompt first (pre-)biological processes in the vast seas.

Thank you so much for providing inspiration; can’t wait for the next storm to come!

Rob Hopcott said...

It's too long since I have visited your travels and, possibly, travails.

It always puzzles me that there are some people who don't react emotionally to the weather.

Wild weather makes me think of Shakespeare's Julius Caesar and strange beasts prowling the streets.

Blue skies and sunshine make me feel glad to be alive.

I won't mention how I feel when it is dull or grey.

I've been inspired to add you to my blog roll on my adventures on a bench site. Hope it helps :-)

PerlNumquist said...

twelve hours to get home. Almost exactly. It seems a long drag really, but it would have taken months a few centuries ago.
How quickly we take things for granted. Two planes, several cars.
And here i am, in my lounge in a n armchair when 12 hours ago, i was in the hungrian sun.
Maybe I too lose the Wonder sometimes.
Bed. or will i not sleep? Lets see.