Wednesday, 24 September 2008

A Perfect Moment

Oh, how wondrous it is to be alive and sentient in the 21st century! A passing remembrance from my callow youth happened to send me to youtube where, unashamedly, I sought out Yes, "Gates of Delerium"; one of my fave bands at 17 and a taste for which I make no apology.
This piece of music was a revelation for me. Its 24mins of pompous prog rock brillance sounded like a troupe of chimpanzees in a music shop initially, its chaos making no sense at all and apearing really as just a "bloody row!".
But when I was 17 i had a girlfriend who was a talented musician, and having no musical education myself (although I am actually very good banjo play for which I also make no apology) I didnt really understand music. But upon listening to it she said "Wow! Thats clever stuff!" and explained to me all about syncopation and counterpoint; concepts hitherto unknown to me.
Suddenly, it unfolded into a beautiful, if slightly chaotic masterpiece proving that a little education can reveal a huge huge cultural experience to one.
so, I looked it up on youtube, as you do.
And there it was! Ok, live and not a great example, but still recognisable as that hair-on-the-back-of-the-neck raising masterpiece.
And whilst listening and looking out of the window (instead of emailing the Norwegians as i should have been), just as the final triumphant guitar solo of part 3 ("Soon the light") swelled, a lost helium balloon drifted by above the trees, its string dangling, presumably lost by some now distraught child for whm my heart does twang a little in empathy.
But it drifted so gracefully over the trees and the soundtrack was so fitting that a little tear of joy welled up and my forearms were all a-goosebumpy.

I just thought I would share that with you.



Rob Hopcott said...

Thanks for the share :-)

As I get older, looking back seems more and more a tempting adventure which I try to resist.

I wonder what that young lady is doing now ... and I wonder whether she remembers too?

PerlNumquist said...

i met her in Sainsbury's a few months ago. she is married for the second time and trying for a family. She doesnt work with music.
Funny how it turns out.

NaiadAnglorum said...

Did you know that you can send a wish with the balloon, to be carried where it may be heard (and I don't necessarily mean that not always so gentle old man with the white beard who flicked a finger at poor Adam, not preparing him for what was to come. Neither do I mean that more ancient, well-musculed, shape changing ladies' man with the zigzaggedy electric temper - I hear he has retired with pal Hephaistos to inaugurate Mars's big volcano (always one for a show) after the latter changed his name to go with the times (although one hears rumours about covering up snatching away Hephaistos's wife who equally took up an alias and neighbouring position to be closer to Mars)-----
uhm, where was I with the brackets?