Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Brain Update

Hi there, just an update. I am improving every day and was pitifully grateful to be able to shuffle 100m to the end of the road with assistance from my wife and mum. Considering the complete control I had mere moments before the ghastly "POP!" in my head as I danced happily at a freestyle, it is a bit hard to take in. But I am apparently one of the "lucky" 7% of sufferers of sub-arachnoid haemorrhage who should eventually regain full capability. Its too complicated for me to remember why right now. I get confused ridiculously easily at the moment. Any level of mental processing leaves me very tired. I suppose it is after all my brain we are talking about so that may be to be expected.
Anyway, that's all I can muster for today. Hopefully, I will be back to my old self very soon.


Kay G. said...

Sounds like you are making a remarkable recovery. Look forward to hearing even more improvement on your next post.
Wishing you all good wishes,

Jane and Lance Hattatt said...

Hello Pete:
We are delighted to read this update and although we are very aware that there is a long road ahead, it is so good to know that you are taking the first tentative steps.

PerlNumquist said...

Thank you for your kind wishes. I had the milestone of dressing myself today (except for socks, which as yet are still an impossibility). I can also now manage the stairs alone safely. Next week, I have the ambition of walking up to the shops! How insanely happy that would make me. 300m each way but too far as yet.

Librarian said...

If I were prone to religious feelings, I'd call that a miracle, and I am very pleased to read about your constant progress! Just don't make the mistake of becoming too impatient when you have the impression that there is a halt in all that progress for a bit.

PerlNumquist said...

I have had the miracle thing proposed. You know my feelings about such nonsense. But I am pleased to be getting a bit better every day. Tiredness is a good guide as to my capabilities. I am taking it all very steady.