Sunday, 13 May 2012

My Clay Oven

Yesterday (and today) I and a friend of mine (who I think is hoping to learn from my mistakes prior to building his own) made a clay pizza oven in my garden from the clay under the flower beds. I hope it doesn't crack as it dries out. I can't write more as I have some things still to do to it and it is a rare sunny day, but here is how it looks so far:
After a few days, if it is dry enough, I shall scrape out the sand inside and see if it stands up. But I think It's due to rain again for another forty days and forty nights so I might not get my way.

A full account of the amusing process of construction will follow in due course.



I want one! I also want a tandoor oven, and an Aga, and a shed for smoking meat and fish, and every gadget going.

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Librarian said...

This will be interesting! Did you think it all up by yourself, or did you look up How To Make A Clay Oven before you started?

PerlNumquist said...

I saw it on telly on a program with Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (slightly eccentric rustic TV Chef) and remembered how much clay I found (and cursed) when digging my pond. And I thought: I could do that! It just kind of followed on form my bread-making obsession.
You can make a smoker from an old oil drum, or even big biscuit tin. Someone here in my office made one.

Jenny Woolf said...

Hm, I jst bought an electric breadmaker from a charity shop. Even if it works, I don't think it will be a patch on a clay oven - but a bit easier to deal with

I think one could say that some of us are clay oven people and some are breadmaker people :)

PerlNumquist said...

Oh! But I love my breadmaker too! It is my 2nd favourite household gadget after the washing machine. Indeed, I currently have a dough cycle going for naan breads to go with dinner this evening. My daughter has nut allergy so we make all out own bread and have done for years. It works out at about 45p a loaf and is far superior to anything you can buy.
It will be breadmaker for our Daily Bread and pizza oven for special occasions.