Sunday, 14 July 2013

..only so many words to go round...

Not much to say here because I am in Portugal trying really hard to finally write the books people have been nagging me to write for years.
It's very hot, though apparently not as hot as at home (and that irony is one which I feel a mild resentment about. But the scenery is nice, though the wine is pretty horrible).
Writing is difficult, isn't it! It's not so much the getting-ideas-to-flow thing as trying not to have it all come out of the funnel at once, thereby blocking it. So many thoughts jostle to escape from the melée that none of them do. It's really quite frustrating.
Also frustrating is the fact that due to the swollen insect bites on my knuckles that I receive during the night, I find it difficult to type quickly. Every biting creature that craves human blood or just plain loves to sink a proboscis into human skin likes to bite me. Even adders, though thankfully not recently (adder bites make your leg REALLY swell up. The second time is much worse. Wear boots where it is a possibility because it does ruin your day).

Anyway, as you see, digression is a major problem. I think a tendency to ADD might be of benefit in this, but only if it can be put to good use by being marshalled into some kind of disciplined stream of consciousness.

So, I cannot use up too many words here as most of them seem to want to go a different direction.

Oh, it's so good to have a brain that works again, even if it haphazard and unruly!


Kay G. said...

Even if it IS haphazard and unruly...I guess you just couldn't find that one extra word!
Just kidding, I miss my son living at home, he was a good proofreader, I never notice if I leave out a word.
Drink some GOOD wine and maybe the words will come easier, or else you just won't care that much.

PerlNumquist said...

Well, that was blinkin silly of me, wasn't it! And now I can't correct it because your comment will make no sense! Sigh.. this is what happens when I let my brain tell my fingers what do do without checking on their activity. Can't get my son out of bed. You pay for a holiday for em and all they do is the same as at home. Grumble moan, wheeze, hack, cough...

Librarian said...

More than once, I have found myself itching to write when I didn't have the time or opportunity to do so, and then, once I was back home with both enough time and space for myself, the urge to write had largely gone.

As for digressing - that is the nice thing about blogging, isn't it, that you can write about any subject under the sun and use up as many (or few) words as you wish.