Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Voyages of (Re)Discovery

The Fjord from a business hotel in Oslo. Necessity.
Steepholm from Brean Beach, Somerset. Dance weekend at Pontins.

A welsh Dalek. Impulsive nostalgic visit.

On a boat on the Bosphorus, Cheap flight. Backpacker hostel, impulsive indulgence.

Coffee as I had never had it before.
What a joy to live in the 21st Century and to be someone of modest but enabling means. I have been away. I needed some space and some experiences. Travelling for both business and pleasure.
Sometimes it disconcerts me how easily one can be so quickly relocated to another part of the world. It fair makes my head spin sometimes. But progress has been made and thoughts are starting to happen again and this seems to have been helped by the geographic diversity. The sheer contrast between places and the people in them raises so many questions, engenders so much wonder. It would be a poor show if that did not make you think a bit, wouldn't it? And it has.

More words anon.

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Librarian said...

A change of scene can indeed be very helpful in setting thought processes in motion that we maybe would not have arrived at otherwise.

The coffee picture is great! How poorly my old "The Sims 2" mug looks in comparison. (And yet, I would not trade it in.)