Tuesday, 27 October 2015


I can't believe anyone ever comes here to read my waffle, but for complicated reasons, I have decided to retire this blog. Life has taken strange and bizarre twists in recent months and for the sake of myself and others who are or were close to me, I need to be careful what I post online.

I may reappear elsewhere at some point but I shall not be writing here. I would delete this blog altogether if I could download it in its entirety, but the process appears to be unwieldy.

So, thank you for all the comments over the years. I liked writing here because it was good for my brain. But for now, my opinions must remain out of the public view and I must keep a low profile.

Adieu lovely people. Keep the light shining.

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Librarian said...

Well, what can I say? As one of your regular readers, of course I did not like the gaps between your posts becoming longer and longer, and of course I am not happy about having to say goodbye to your blog altogether.

But our blogs are first and foremost our own, and it's up to ourselves what we do with them - fill them with banalities (such as my blog) or with expressions of deep thinking (like yours often was), or shut them down altogether.

I regret you have chosen to shut this one down and hope the twists and turns in your life will be straightened, or at least be only of the pleasant kind.