Wednesday, 12 March 2008

All seen in just one week's commute by bike

"Child on board" - Toyota avensis "I am texting at the wheel"
"Child on board" - BMW 5 series "I am on the phone at a roundabout, steering with my knee whilst changing gear"
"Child on board" - mazda6, "I cut up cyclist because they are i my way"
"Child on board" - Jeep Cherokee "I am reading my post as I drive"
"Child on board" - Peugot 106 "I am perusing a Freemans catalog on the steering wheel of my car"
"Child on board" - "I want you to take note of those I care about and afford them consideration even though I actually don't gie a shit about you or your safety.

"Child on board" - "I drive like an idiot"


Viking Warrior said...

Child on Board: man shavest at traffic lights with yon electric shaver.

How very darest thou suggest Vikings are crappeth. I challengest thou to duel with poleaxe followeth by pillage on village green of Chipping Sodbury.

lorenzothellama said...

Bugger off Viking and leave your poleaxe at home.

Rob Hopcott said...

Hey peeps, did you know it's Be Nice to Vikings Week?

After all, life is very hard for Vikings these days.

Peeps who criticise the Vikings should try driving a longboat down the M1 ... It's no laughing matter... With or without a Child Onboard' sign :-)

Magdalene said...

Excellent post. This has been one of the observations of my personal cynic for quite a while now.

I thought of designing my own car sticker which merely says 'Baby I'm Bored.' I may still do this!

Anyway nice to meet you P.and thanks for visiting my blog.

PerlNumquist said...

What was that tendon condition Margaret Thatcher had? You know, the one which causes your hand to curl up like a claw?
Well, I understand it can be traced back to Norwegian Vikings, (not your common or garden Danish ones, you understand!).
Me old dad had that, and so did his brother (ok, so it means a distant relationship with the old battle axe).
So, weem Vikings see! heh heh heh!

PerlNumquist said...

oh, and why is it that BMW drivers never indicate and Rover drivers look as if (and drive as if) they are about to fall asleep athe wheel?
Choice of car shows the oddest demographic trends.