Friday, 14 March 2008

The NHS: God bless her and all who sail in her!

Hi Peeps, I just got back from the hospital where yesterday, Huge Son had three hours surgery to remove bits of homemade explosive device from his face and corneas. Two boxes worth of match heads and a small length of steel tubing, soldered up, went very bang in his face. It was well researched and extremely effective.
Seems fun when you are 15.

I have to say, I cannot express (nope! Not even with the HUGE eloquence available to me) my admiration and gratitude for all the medical staff of the Bristol Healthcare Trust. What fine folks and what excellent service. I cannot heap enough praise upon them all.

Sons are such a worry. That Y chromosome seems to code for the fascination with things that go bang. I think he is chastened.
But it was a constant source of fascination to me that there was such a gender divide: "So, tell me how this happened"
And I explain and all the female recipients of the story shudder before looking vaguely confused, whereas all the male recipients' eyes gleam with a "Oh! Yeah, well, we've all done it, havent we!"
I am not usually one to stereotype. This was just an observation.

Anyway, a not too unhappy ending to a shocking and dramatic week. anyway, back to the hospital with clean underwear and talking books.


lorenzothellama said...

This was your Joe was it?
Bloody Hell they are such a worry. The last time the NHS, Joe and I were involved was whent the little bugger experimented with Mary Baker Chocolate Chip Fairy Bun Mix and added some illegal substance. He told me to be careful about it but they were so delicious I ate a whole one and ended up in A&E in a very poorly way! The nurses were bitches but the doctor thought it was hilarious, especially when he got out of me, under interogation, who my 'dealer' was! That was my first and last time I ingested stuff. Luckily he doesn't either. Now.

Viking Warrior said...

I needeth yon son to showeth me how to maketh explosive sounds. Methinks Viking Warrior still hung up on poleaxes.

PerlNumquist said...

well, the boy is home and red faced for many reasons. Chastened that he barely got away without losing his eyesight by the narrowest of margins,and seeing the twisted remains of "The Device", he is right off explosives, thank goodness.
I can;t get him to take pain killers ether. Seems drugs are off limits, possibly for some self-punishment reason. Who knows what goes through their heads. As long as it isn't shrapnel.
And just out of interest, wasnt Alfred Nobel some kind of norse type?

Magdalene said...

Jeez, stupid boy! Seriously though, I hope he's ok. I bet he won't be doing that again in a hurry. My brother used to set light to things in his bedroom when our mother went out. It's a boy thing, for sure. My own son, who lives with his dad, does equally stupid things, such as paintballing the walls of the local mosque and breeding computer viruses. He just hasn't got caught yet. It's only a matter of time.

Thesaurus Rex said...

I was in a band with a mate who did almost exactly this with loads of match heads scraped off into a bic biro, using a skinny roll of paper for a wick. He nearly blew a hole in his leg and could have lost his sight if the bits had gone up instead of down.
Still boys will

PerlNumquist said...

so it looks like its definitely a Y chromosome thing then, yes? At the risk of being sexist, response is definitely polarised and such foolishness seem confined, albeit not exclusively, to young males. No wonder as a gender we have a lower life expectancy!

Off down the hospital later to see how much eyesight he can expect to lose. Ho hum... Its only one eye and a monacle would suit his personal "Chappist" style very well, in fact.